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logo-theocentricFounded by Dr. Paul Leon Masters


The Theocentric Psychology Program coursework evolved from the Pastoral Counseling Psychology Program and was first offered to our graduates as an additional Doctorate on September 10, 2010.


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What Can I Expect

The Theocentric Psychology Program, as developed by Dr. Masters, founder of the IMM University System, focuses on awakening to one’s innate potentials for benefiting a one’s life and the lives of others by focusing on Universal Presence, or God, at the center, or nucleus, of consciousness within oneself. It is not a practice of, nor seeks to replace, behavioral, clinical psychology or psychiatry dealing with mental illness or acute dysfunction.

Theocentric Psychology seeks to greatly enhance or add to the lives of those who are relatively well adjusted but intuitively know they have a greater potential within themselves to bring forth and live more fulfilling lives.

This could be in occupational or career pursuits, creativity and the arts, athletics, love within one’s life, as well as the God-Presence Benefits of inner peace and lasting happiness. A Theocentric Psychology doctoral degree program best serves those whose focus is on the value of attaining enlightenment and/or the application of the KNOWINGNESS that enlightenment brings to all major areas of one’s life.

These in-depth teachings are designed to have a therapeutic value as a byproduct of exposure to them. In the ministerial context, the learning from the program’s contents can be applied as enhancements in your work in educational counseling and/or in a life-coaching environment as well as any other professional work with the public. The degree designation, PsyThD., Doctor of Theocentric Psychology, will be especially helpful to those in a ministry who specialize in one-on-one pastoral counseling and coaching work.

Who should take the Doctor of Theocentric Psychology course?

– Anyone willing to put forth the time, effort, and devotion required to attain enlightenment and benefit from the KNOWINGNESS it brings to all major areas of your life.
Anyone whose main concentration is on the God/Universal Presence within, as the central source of improving a person’s life.
– Anyone who emphasizes mystical meditation as the primary way to connect the outer practical mind with the innermost presence of Universal Consciousness, or God.
– Anyone who has an appreciation of one God-centered teachings, as presented in Theocentric Psychology by International Metaphysical Ministry founder Dr. Paul Leon Masters.