Frequently Asked Questions

Your spiritual journey is important to us. To help you make a well-informed decision, we created a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions.

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If I have been or will be ordained into the IMM, is there a separate ministry for the Theocentric Way of Life that I will be ordained into?
Yes, because the Theocentric Way of Life is a very distinct ministry with the focused and exclusive goal of living a God-Centered life, without distraction by the diversity of subjects that come under the modern day usage of the word metaphysics.

As simply as it can be explained, what is living the Theocentric Way of Life?
This way of life comes with the realization that one’s personal ego and its will are only illusions. By giving them up to the only reality—God’s Presence—and allowing God’s Will to guide one through life (which is identical to living one’s soul’s purpose), together with taking time to meditate daily to further enhance the intuitive flow of God’s Guidance, one embraces a new way to live life. It is a path for one who either has attained or is seeking illumination of consciousness or mystical union with God, knowing that through such experience, life and its issues and complexities are resolved through God’s Guidance: “seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, (God’s Presence within you) and all else shall be added unto you.”

What kind of counseling does one offer as a Doctor of Theocentric Psychology, PsyThD.?
Counseling is one to one educational counseling. It is individualizing according to the recipients background. Why and what needs to be done, to transfer the persons limited consciousness from personal ego, to the far greater unlimited consciousness of God’s Presence at the center or nucleus of their mind.

When practicing Theocentric Psychology while doing life coaching, how does it differ from standard life coaching?
The Doctor of Theocentric Psychology principals shifts all attention in the person receiving coaching, from trying to bring forth the potentials within the personal ego level of the mind, and keeps the person being coached focused on the ultimate source of potentials ….The Universal Consciousness of God’s Presence which contains the Creative Resources, Power, Wisdom and Will to improve the life of anyone who will seek the ultimate treasure of human existence.

What are the degree initial for the Doctor of Theocentric Psychology?

Which university is this doctoral degree program through?
The University of Sedona.

Will I receive a diploma?
Yes, once you have successfully met all the degree requirements and your tuition is paid in full.

What does the curriculum comprise of?
121 study modules. See Curriculum

What is the tuition cost?

Option One: Total tuition Payment $990

Option Two: $1,490 total tuition. $190 down with 52 monthly interest free payments of $25

Option Three: $1,490 total tuition. $190 down with 26 monthly interest free payments of $50

In what format will I receive my study materials?
You have the option to receive study materials in hard copy format or electronically. International students (outside USA) must add $150 and US students must add $100 to the down payment or prepayment total, to receive the study material in hard copy format.

What study materials will I receive?
Theocentric Psychology Volume I & Examination Booklet 1
Theocentric Psychology Volume II & Examination Booklet II
Theocentric Psychology Volume III & Examination Booklet III
Theocentric Psychology Volume IV & Examination Booklet IV
Theocentric Psychology Volume V & Examination Booklet V
Academic Integrity Guidelines
University of Sedona Doctoral Dissertation Handbook

Is the Doctor of Theocentric Psychology program available to the public?
You have to be either a student or graduate with either the University of Metaphysics or the University of Sedona to participate.

Can I enroll if I haven’t completed my Bachelors degree yet?
Yes, but you can only submit your Doctor of Theocentric Psychology exams and dissertation once you have successfully completed your Masters degree.

Can I substitute the Doctor of Theocentric Psychology degree for my initial doctorate?
No, the degree will be in addition.

Can I complete the Doctor of Theocentric Psychology degree before I complete the initial doctorate I signed up for?

Is there a time frame to complete this program?
No, you can take as long as you require.

If required, will I receive help with my dissertation?
You have access to the Dissertation Advisor for guidance by email or phone.

What happens if I have any questions?
Please contact us. Our courteous and supportive staff will help answer any questions you have.