Theocentric Way of Life


Theocentric Way of Life

• Theocentric means God-Centered, but in a far larger, more pervasive presence of God than is known by most worshippers of major

• The Theocentric Way of Life shows you how to know and live God’s Presence, as have all enlightened spiritual teachers and true
mystics throughout the centuries.

• The Theocentric Way of Life is not traditional religion or even non-traditional religion. It is advanced spirituality of God’s Presence and
working with God’s Presence in creating your life.

• The Theocentric Way of Life is based on decades of consciousness research with thousands of results that have been tested over
time in improving people’s lives.

This degree program, created by Dr. Paul Leon Masters has an extensive curriculum of 121 lessons with insightful explorations of the human mind and soul, plus discussions about how such insights can be practically applied to improving human life individually and collectively. Secular psychology has failed to recognize the higher inborn consciousness—God’s Presence—as the very essence or center of the mind upon which to build a better life. Dr. Masters has included this essential reality by creating a God-Centered Psychology for living life to its God-Given potential, based not on theory but on time-tested results.

These in-depth teachings are designed to have a therapeutic value as a byproduct of exposure to them. In the ministerial context, the learning from the program’s contents can be applied as enhancements in your work in educational counseling and/or in a life-coaching environment as well as any other professional work with the public. The degree designation, PsyThD., Doctor of Theocentric Psychology, will be especially helpful to those in a ministry that specialize in one-on-one pastoral counseling and coaching work.

It can also be valuable for those whose central ministry is at the traditional pulpit, giving lectures, or presenting courses. This curriculum becomes increasingly important as more and more people seek answers to provide them with hope, spiritual reassurance, and inspiration in today’s world of confusion, unrest, and uncertainty.