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Founder Paul Leon Masters

Welcome to a Theocentric Way of Life!
From Paul Leon Masters

As the graduates and students of the IMM Universities know, the last thing that the world needs is another religion. Even though our graduates are ordained ministers, the world needs spirituality that is workable, practical, and insightful, without claims that it is the only true religion or only pathway to God. This is why the IMM has always provided the freedom for our students and graduates to teach what they wish, so long as the basic teachings of the IMM remain.

Theocentric Psychology is at a spiritual level where the entire emphasis is on one’s relationship to God. All study materials and what is subsequently communicated to the public or those who seek you out professionally convey this emphasis.

In order for this level of Spirituality to have maximum effectiveness, it cannot be diluted by the approaches of other spiritual paths. Therefore, when you choose to engage in this spiritual level of ministry, your total emphasis will be on improving life through teaching an inner, God-Centered approach to life and living. This is so powerful in its benefits that other approaches, while having merit, would serve only to distract a spiritual aspirant from achieving his or her total potential by living a God-Centered Life and seeking to apply it to the increasing needs of the world’s populace.

The Theocentric Way of Life teachings are like no other in an approach to Higher Spirituality inasmuch as they are based on decades of hands-on consciousness research with thousands of students over decades. Research results of Higher Consciousness experiences were then adapted and applied to the daily lives of research participants. Over a still greater period of time the effects on people’s lives were noted and evaluated. What emerged over the years are the teachings of a Theocentric Way of Life.

From the beginning of Volume 1 through all the volumes of the Theocentric Way of Life, you will find the teachings engaging and easy to assimilate. You will then, with this foundation, be equipped to pass the teachings on to the masses of humanity who truly are in need of living through Higher God-Centered spirituality. The teachings of The Theocentric Way of Life resonate with the same mystical awareness of life that the Christ in Jesus and other enlightened spiritual teachers down through the ages shared with their immediate followers.

Today there are many divergent paths and teaching subjects that a person may choose as a professional career in the metaphysical field. I do indeed hope that you will choose the highest of all metaphysical paths, the one whose goal is to create a God-Centered way of life and living. If your mind, soul, and spirit are in agreement that the most direct path to improving human life is through an exclusive God-Centered approach, we welcome you into our Doctor of Theocentric Psychology, PsyThD., program.

With Love and Praise to God’s Presence in You,


Dr. Paul Leon Masters, Founder