What Can I Expect from The Program


What Can I Expect
When Living the Theocentric Way of Life?

Through the practice of the Theocentric Way of Life you will learn how to:

•    Transform your mind into a Christ-like awareness, letting “the mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.”

•    See the greater picture of what is taking place around you and your place within it for a better life.

•    Recognize that all the latent potential within your mind is contained in the center, or nucleus, of consciousness in you and, most importantly, bring it forth to better your life and the lives of others.

•    Use and apply such inner knowledge by expanding the possibilities in life.

•    Practice the Universal Inner Presence (God) to live your soul’s purpose and to understand why Universal Presence provided you with the life you are living.

Areas of Your Life That Could Be Affected By Your Practice
of the Theocentric Way of Life

•    Occupation
•    Career
•    Employment
•    Love
•    Relationships
•    Wellness
•    Health
•    Creativity
•    Accomplishment
•    Sexuality
•    Lasting Happiness
•    Contentment

Note: Theocentric Psychology, as taught in the Theocentric Way of Life, is not intended to treat and cure any condition in life, whether physical, mental, or spiritual, or to replace medical or allied health providers. Theocentric Psychology is a non-secular, non-clinical approach to applying and living advanced spirituality in one’s life.