About the Founder


Paul Leon Masters

While the founder spent years up to 1959 and beyond earning doctorates in metaphysically oriented religious schools, reference to such schools has been purposely set aside.  This is due to having outgrown the greater majority of what he learned through decades of consciousness research with thousands of his students and through his own meditative awakening to higher consciousness.  In more recent times his current advanced awareness inspired him to form a division of the International Metaphysical Ministry—the Theocentric Life Society—which he is the director of, teaching Theocentric Psychology based on large volumes he has written on the subject, plus 125 DVDs, and 400 CDs, together with over 56 years of fulltime research, education, and application to the improvement of people’s lives, individually and collectively. At the time of this publication he is in his eighties, still active as founder/CEO of the world’s largest, metaphysically oriented teaching, counseling, life coaching ministry in 123 countries with over 10,000 students and graduates of two universities he also founded—the University of Metaphysics and University of Sedona.


In his teens Paul Leon Masters began studying the mysteries of consciousness.  He was drawn to the mysteries of the unknown regarding life, the universe, the mind, soul, and the Presence of a Higher Intelligence—or God—behind creation.  To pursue his interests, he joined and became a member of the Rosicrucians and the Mayans (similar to the Rosicrucians, but based in Texas.)

What he studied caused him to seek more knowledge into the mystical and any form of psychology that had an appreciation and synthesis of the mystical and psychological.  He also found that what he had learned, when applied to the lives of others, seemed to help them with their lives.  This led him to seek a school that had a degree program that was in tune with the mystical/psychological path he wished to pursue.  Traditional universities, particularly in the 1950s, did not offer what he was seeking.

He kept searching until finding a nontraditional school, whose teachings he could relate to.  It did not matter to him that the school was unaccredited, due to the uniqueness of its teachings, which was what he was seeking—a combination of psychology, theology, and New Thought Philosophy, and mysticism.  He enrolled in 1953 and graduated six years later in 1959 with a Doctor of Psychology degree in teachings and practices, reflective of the school’s teaching.

Though he opened the Institute of Parapsychology in Beverly Hills, California, shortly after his graduation in 1959, he continued to pursue his education, this time from 1960 to 1963. He was awarded the Institute’s Doctor of Theology degree in New Thought Science in 1963.

He does not talk about his own educational background in the field he specializes in because of subsequent decades he spent with thousands of people conducting consciousness research—all of which has enormously expanded what he teaches now, when compared to what he originally studied in the 1950s and early 1960s.  (For further information about his complete professional background and the consciousness research conducted, see the University of Metaphysics or University of Sedona websites.)


His contributions to the field of mystical psychology are vast and far-reaching, having spanned over 123 countries through the International Metaphysical Ministry’s Universities of Metaphysics and Sedona. It has been estimated that the intellectual property found in his course teachings, including 130 DVD lectures, 600 CD lectures, and 31 higher-consciousness CDs would fill, if placed into book form, approximately 300 books.


As far as wisdom and knowledge, he gives full credit to what he learned from his own experiences in higher consciousness meditation. Through such prolonged contact with the Universal God Guidance from within himself, he subsequently established the largest Holistic, Transpersonal, Transcendent, New Thought, and Theocentric Psychology Teaching Ministry Organization in the world today.

People from all walks of life, now numbering over 10,000 throughout the world, who had heard an inner calling to help others though Higher Spiritual understanding and awareness, have been able to fulfill their inner promptings as a result of his dedication and inner Universal God Guidance found in the International Metaphysical Ministry’s Universities of Metaphysics and Sedona.

For full background history, please go to the Founder’s page on the University of Sedona website.