Doctor of Theocentric Psychology, PsyThD.®
Degree Program Information

Theocentric Psychology was developed by Dr. Paul Leon Masters, Founder of the  International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM) University System, to develop focus on the Universal Presence or God at the center of consciousness within oneself, thereby awakening the self to the innate potentials for benefiting life. It does not seek to replace, nor is it a practice of behavioral clinical psychology or psychiatry dealing with mental illness or acute dysfunction. Instead, Theocentric Psychology seeks to greatly enhance the lives of those who are relatively well adjusted but intuitively know they have a greater potential within themselves to live more fulfilling lives whether in occupational or career pursuits, creativity and the arts, athletics, relationships, or by attaining the benefits of inner peace and a happiness from God presence.

A Theocentric Psychology doctoral degree best serves those who recognize the value of attaining enlightenment for its own sake and for applying the knowingness that enlightenment brings to all major areas of one’s life. The foundation of Theocentric Psychology is based on decades of Dr. Masters’ consciousness research with thousands of people spanning many decades. Theocentric Psychology is highly specialized and requires exclusive attention because of its all-encompassing teaching and practices. It is for those who are truly committed to the highest spiritual attainment for service to others.

Please note: You have to be either a student or graduate with either the University of Metaphysics or the University of Sedona to participate. You can enroll in the Theocentric program while still at the bachelor’s degree level, but can only submit your Doctor of Theocentric Psychology exams and dissertation once you have successfully completed your master’s degree.

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